About Us

Driven by the philosophy that smiling is the most fundamental way of communicating positivity, radiating happy energy into the world, and elevating one’s mood, Carmen founded Sparkling Smilez as a way to help empower people to flash confident and happy smiles.

Carmen’s Story

Carmen has been working in a dental clinic for over ten years as a dental nurse and practice manager. She has completed her beauty and makeup, Dental Assisting and Dental Radiography, and has now become a qualified teeth whitening technician.

Over the years of experience and driven by an absolute passion for dentistry, she takes pride in empowering dedication to provide the best teeth whitening services possible. By starting Spakling Smilez, she aims to offer mobile treatments and in-chair treatments at her studio.

Sparkling Smilez promises to offer a safe, effective, and comfortable treatment to ensure your enjoyment of radiant and sparkling smiles every day.

A Thousand Reasons to Smile

At Sparkling Smilez, our goal is to give our customers a thousand reasons to smile, from offering mobile treatments and in-chair treatments at our studio and our treatment pack teeth whitening products to be conveniently and comfortably used at home. Carmen also plans to offer training workshops all over Australia.

To empower our clients to promote fresh, healthy, and beautiful teeth, we at Sparkling Smilez also supply wholesale teeth whitening products and accessories. We thrive on providing clients excellent results and the confidence that comes with having white teeth and a beautiful smile that radiates from the inside out, because life is too short to not live it with a smile.