Teeth Whitening

Superb in-studio or at-home teeth whitening solutions

Smile With Confidence

Get whiter teeth in an instant!

Here at Sparkling Smilez, our goal is to keep our customers looking A+, and there’s nothing that makes you more attractive than flashing a happy, genuine smile. No amount of makeup or clothes, or cosmetic surgery can increase your attractiveness as much as smiling with your pearly white teeth.

We are giving you two more reasons to smile with our teeth whitening solutions. We offer an in-chair teeth-whitening service at our studio performed by our licensed teeth expert. If comfort and convenience is what you prefer, you also offer an at-home aftercare teeth-whitening pen developed and formulated by Sparkling Smilez to maintain your white teeth at home anytime

Visit Our Treatment Facility

Designed for your comfort and peace of mind

If you want immediate and effective teeth whitening results and you want a licensed teeth-whitening expert to perform the treatment, head over to our salon in Cathcart Street, Fairfield NSW 2165, Sydney Australia. Sit back and relax and have an expert work on whitening your teeth and let us give you a confidently beaming smile.

Our cosy salon, friendly staff, and the whole treatment process are here to give you a comfortable, enjoyable, informative, and painless experience. You’ll be walking out of our studio with a huge smile on your face.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Formulated for maximum effectiveness and safety

Whiten your teeth at the comfort of your home with our specially formulated and innovatively designed teeth whitening kit. In as little as 16 to 30 minutes, notice your teeth get several shades whiter! Say good-bye to wine, coffee, and cigarette stains on your teeth that can take a toll on your confidence.

Keep smiling while regularly whitening your teeth in the comfort of your own home or while on the go! Check out our remarkably effective whitening kits now.