Tooth Gems

Give your smile that extra sparkle!

Elegantly Embellished Teeth

Tooth Gem Application and Bonding

Stop anyone on his or her tracks with a brilliantly effervescent smile made possible by our wide collection of tooth gems that are designed to add sparkle to your smile.

We’re bringing the widely popular tooth gems to Australia. After seeing these teeth accessories twinkle on the red carpet, as some of the most glamorous international stars smile for the camera, we are proud to announce that we are glitzing up Australia by pioneering the tooth gem line locally.

Have our tooth gem expert apply your choice of tooth gems on your teeth at our comfortable studio.

Learn From the Experts

Tooth Gem Training

Tooth gem application can be tricky. When applied incorrectly, it can fall off prematurely, and can even cause some complications to your enamel. Learn how to bond your tooth gems to your pearly whites correctly and safely. We offer training from our tooth gem experts.

Learn the tips and tricks on how to do it professionally so you can start your own tooth gem application business. Our comprehensive training can help you kick start your career in the teeth embellishment industry so you, too, can make a difference in the smiles of others.

We offer one-on-one training, online training sessions, and workshops. Check out our other education offers to help you get the career in beauty and teeth aesthetic you’ve always wanted.

Exclusive High-End Tooth Gem Collection

Tooth Gem Wholesale

We offer the largest range of authentic lead-free Swarovski Crystal tooth gems that will make any smile shimmer with brilliant sparkle. We also have 18k Gold Jewels available for that exuberant smile that speaks sophistication and fabulousness. Register a wholesale account with us and see our exclusive collection of brilliant tooth gems.